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ЛОМО – Breaking all the rules.

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Lomography. A strange, yet exciting photographic technique popularized a few decades ago by people interested in shooting at random.  Lomo cameras were manufactured by a small company in St. Petersburg, Russia during the Cold War.  After being smuggled out of the Soviet Union, they found themselves in the hands of Austrian youths who wanted to do something different.

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Lomo photography is characterized by random happenings and uncommon subjects.  It’s goal is to break all the rules of conventional photography.  The lenses usually have a vignette, as well as blur around the outside, depending what camera you are using, and is usually very saturated.  I have been using my iPhone with some Apps to get the desired effect.

Here are some of my favorites.  They might not all be exactly Lomo, but there is something so attractive about lo-fi.  To me, the fact is that they aren’t high quality is what makes them so unique. What I like the most about Lomography, is the realism.  Everything feels very honest, and nothing necessarily feels staged.  I find it especially useful when taking pictures of friends when out and about!

The apps I use are are Tilt-Shift Generator, Photo-Studio, and Instagram. It’s a fantastic way to add character to your normal everyday shots!

If you want to see where it all started, check out the documentary that inspired me! ; and check out the official site & the 10 Golden Rules of lomography!

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